Premium Design of Free Generate Press Theme

Did you know that there are many fast WordPress themes, one of them is GeneratePress Theme? Many YouTubers recommend this theme to beginners, I also recommend it. But the accessible version of this theme does not have any additional features.

This article will show you the premium design of Free Generate Press Themes. Maybe you can’t design 100% like the premium version but I guarantee 80% design will be like premium. Check out below what you can customize with this design.

Additional features require the purchase of the premium version of Generate Press. Since it is costly, beginners cannot afford it but want the benefits of the premium version of Generate Press. So for all WordPress users who cannot purchase the premium version of Generate Press, this article will be very helpful.

Demo for Generate Press Customization

Premium Design of Free Generate Press Theme - Secrete Tricks

Advantages of this Generate Press Customisation

  1. Header Hero banner With image,
  2. Stylish heading and Subheadings,
  3. Sticky and stylish recent posts widget in the sidebar,
  4. Text Justified,
  5. Custom Google Fonts,
  6. Spam protected Comment box,
  7. Footer widget,
  8. Custom Footer Credit,
  9. Duel menu (primary and secondary),
  10. Read More button,
  11. Custom Color management,
  12. All space customization,
  13. Image style customization,
  14. and more.

Requirement of Generate Press Customization

There are two requirements for this customization –

Install Generate Press Theme:-

  • Login to your WordPress admin panel,
  • Click on the Theme option under the Appearance section,
  • Now click on the Add New button,
  • Search Generate Press,
  • Then you can find Generate Press Theme, install and activate this theme.

Install Code Snippet Plugin:-

  • Click on the Add New option under Plugin Section,
  • Search Code Snippet,
  • You can find Code Snippet Plugin, install and activate this plugin.

Download My Zip File:-

There is a download button below, click on that button to download my zip file. This zip file contains all the CSS and PHP codes, which will be used for customization today.

Premium Design of Free Generate Press Theme

If you already use a theme or if the website is old, make sure to backup the website before making any changes. If you make a mistake, you can restore the site.


  • PUT CUSTOM SNIPPET CODE:- Click on the Add New under Code Snippet section > Enter the title, “Custom Code” > Make sure the “function” option is selected, > Past My “Custom PHP Code” > save changes.
  • PUT COPYRIGHT CODE:- To add your own credit text to the footer section – Add New Snippet > Enter title “Copyright Code” > Make sure the “function” Option is selected > Past My Copyright Code > My site’s credit text is added, enter your site’s credit text here > Save changes.


In the downloaded file, there is a CSS file, use it to change the look of the site. If you know about CSS, you can make some changes, otherwise don’t edit at all. Because if the wrong edit is done, the design of the site can be broken.

  • First, Copy my all CSS Code,
  • Click on the customize option under the Appearance section,
  • Open the Additional CSS option,
  • Paste the downloaded CSS here and update the settings.


Coming soon ……………..

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