Remove Comment Section from WordPress

If you have WordPress site and want to delete comment section from articles, then this post is for you. Because today I will show you how to remove comment section from WordPress site?

Removing the comment section of a WordPress site does not require any plugins or any coding. The site has default settings that allow you to remove the comment section.

  • I will show you two methods here, you can choose whichever one you want-
    1. You can edit specific posts,
    2. You can edit multiple posts at once.

Why Remove Comment Section From WordPress?

There are several specific reasons for removing the comment section, but all are my opinions. Why you remove the comment section is entirely your personal reason.

  1. SPAM PROTECTION:- Comment box is one of the ways to increase the spam score of the website. Many dishonest people post comments on your site, just to get backlinks. Because the comment section contains the website URL field, the box in which the visitor adds his site link. You can also remove only this URL field, instead of removing the entire comment section. Spam comments still come after deleting the URL field, so to get rid of this problem…..
  2. COMMENTS APPROVAL ISSUE:- To stop spam comments, we manually approve comments. But when there are too many comments, manually approving the comments is a bit of a hassle. So if you completely remove the comment section, this problem does not exist.
  3. MAKE PROFESSIONAL:- As you may have noticed, the comments section of major websites is removed. If you remove the comment section, your site will look professional like those sites.
  4. PROTECT ILLEGAL CONTENT:- Illegal content means definitely understand, which is very harmful for AdSense. Even if you don’t have such content on your site, if someone makes illegal comments, it will affect your site. So…….

How to Remove Comment Section from WordPress?

  1. SETTINGS FOR NEW ARTICLE:- All the articles you write from now on, do the following setting before publishing. If you want, you can do manual settings like this on old articles as well.
    • From post edit mode,
    • From quick edit mode,
    • Click on the All Post option under Post section,
    • You can select all or select the ones you need.
    • Then click on the Edit option under Bulk Option,
    • Apply,How to Remove Comment Section from WordPress 2 Methods
    • Choose Do not Allow from Comments option,
    • Finally Update.
How to Remove Comment Section from WordPress 2 Methods

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