All the steps that I will show you today are the same steps that I have followed. As a result, I had to remove Ezoic access from my site, and AdSense is working on my site again.

Many people like me sent the site to Ezoic for approval to increase the revenue, but not everyone’s site may be approved. As such my site was not approved despite being suitable for Ezoic. You know you have to wait six months to re-apply.

Until then, you will not be able to make any income from Adsense. It may be that AdSense has rejected your account. So you have to choose the right path to remove Ezoic access and set up AdSense codes again.

What Methods to Remove Ezoic Access?

1. Remove Ezoic access from AdSense,
2. Delete all Ezoic codes from the website,
3. Remove all website access from the Ezoic account,
4. Change domain nameserver,

How to Remove Ezoic Access from AdSense?

1. Go to your AdSense Dashboard,
2. Click on the three-dot option at the top left,
3. Then click on the Access and Authorization button under the Account option,
4. Click on the Third-party button,Remove Ezoic Access from AdSense
5. Then if you see the Ezoic option, remove it.Remove Ezoic Access from AdSense

How to Delete all Ezoic codes from the website?

If you have placed Ezoic codes on your site using the ad inserter plugin, follow the steps below. Otherwise, if you place the codes manually, remove them wherever the codes are on the site.
1. Log in to your admin panel,
2. Click on Ad Inserter under the Setting button,
3. Click on Setting Icon,
4. Then click on Reset All Setting option,Delete all Ezoic codes from the website

How to Turn Off Ezoic?

1. Go to your Ezoic account,
2. Click on the Setting option,
3. Then click the Update Setting button,
4. Turn off these three options; Desktop-Tablet-Mobile,
5. Save.

How to Remove Site International from Ezoic?

1. If you are integrating sites through Cloudflare, click the Remove CloudFlare button from Ezoic.Remove CloudFlare button from Ezoic
2. Then go to your Cloudflare account and remove that domain from Cloudflare.Remove Ezoic from Cloudflare
3. If you do site integration by changing the domain nameservers, update the old nameservers. Example- Hosting Name Server.
NOTE:- One thing to keep in mind in this case, updating the nameserver may result in your site being offline for some time. Don’t worry, your site will be online again after some time.
4. Then go to the DNS Setting option of Ezoic,
5. Turn off all the options that are on. Note that there are multiple pages, click on the next option and turn off other options in the same way.

How to Reset AdSense After Removing Ezoic?

You can delete all access to Ezoic from your site by following the steps above. Now I will show you how to show AdSense ads on your site again. Follow all the points well, otherwise, Adsense may not work.

1. First, add your site to Cloudflare. For that, take the help of a good YouTube video.
2. Then set the AdSense codes in the right place on your site. You can set the code manually but I would recommend if you have WordPress, use the Ad Insert plugin. So that all your sites will have automatic ad placement.

What to Remember After Removing Access to Ezoic?

By removing Ezoic access from your site, you reset AdSense. But where you set the code will take up space for the ad, but the ad will not show. For this you have to wait for 4-5 days, then slowly ads will start coming. If possible, go to your AdSense account and keep Auto Ad on.


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