For those who are using the Generated Press theme on the website, a common error is seen on all the permalinks on their site. That is to add “#more” after the permalink of the post.

You must remove this extra #more text from Permalink. Otherwise, it will have a bad effect on the SEO of your site.

How to Find this Error?

  1. Visit the home page of your site,
  2. Click on the Read More button of any post,
  3. Now look at the link of that post, you will see that “#more” has been added at the end of the link.
Generate press link error

How To Remove #More From Permalink?

1. Open your WordPress admin panel,
2. Click on the theme editor button under the appearance option,
3. On the right side you can see the function.php option click here,
4. Download my code and past the code accordingly below the image.
5. Then save Changes.

Remove #More From Permalink

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