If you are using the free version of generate press theme, then this article is for you. Because I will show you, how to remove Powered by Generate Press Credit.

There is no setting in the free generate press theme to remove footer credits. So you will have a little problem removing footer credit but for those who know to code, very easy.

I will explain you with images so that you too can easily remove footer credits. Still, you need to go through every step of the article carefully.

NOTE:- Since you have to edit the code, do it very carefully. If there is any problem in editing the code, you can contact us.

How to Remove Powered by Generate Press Credit?

  • First, login your WordPress admin panel,
  • Click on the Theme File Editor option under the Appearance section,
remove footer credit generate press
  • Now you will see the footer.php option in the right sidebar, click here.
how to remove powered by generatepress in free version
  • Now you will get all the footer.php code, here you have to replace one line. The line is shown in the image below.
how to remove powered by generatepress,
  • And instead of that, you have to paste the new code, the download link of which is given below.

  • Check the code carefully, there is “Technical Rupam” in the code. Remove it and name your site.
generatepress remove powered by
  • Once the correct placement of the code is done, click on the update file option.
  • Now visit your site.

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