Responsive Blogger Template

If you have a Blogger site, you have visited many Blogger templates. But the responsive blogger template that I will give you today, I guarantee you have seen fewer themes like this.

Because this theme already has multiple features. To add these features to a theme, you need to add additional HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which is not possible for everyone.

There are also many other benefits that are not included in any WordPress theme. The biggest benefit is that the theme has fast loading despite having so many features.

Benefits of this Responsive Blogger Template

  • 100% Free Template,
  • Not Crack Version,
  • Mobile-Friendly,
  • LifeTime Update,
  • Fast Loading,
  • Adsense Friendly,
  • User Friendly,
  • Manu and Mega Manu,
  • Standard Homepage,
  • Stylish Pagination,
  • Breadcrumbs,
  • Auto Internal Linking,No.1 Responsive Blogger Template free
  • Auto Ads Placement,
  • Sticky Ads on Sidebar,
  • Auto Table Of Content,No.1 Responsive Blogger Template free
  • Custom Copyright Credit,
  • Social Share Button,No.1 Responsive Blogger Template free
  • Night Mode,
  • Social Follow Buttons,No.1 Responsive Blogger Template free
  • Extra Footer Container.
No.1 Responsive Blogger Template free

Installation of JetTheme Core Blogger Template

Those who are old on Blogger, do they really know how to change the theme of the Blogger site? But those who are new or have created a blogger site after watching a tutorial on YouTube, may not know which way to upload the theme? I gave this paragraph to all those new users so that there would be no problem in changing the theme.


If you are going to change the theme of your existing blogger site, you should first backup the theme for the safety of the website. Because if you make a mistake, you can restore the previous theme or theme design. See how to backup or restore-

  1. Click on the Theme option,
  2. Now click on the arrow mark of the Customize button,
  3. Then click on the Backup option and Download theme,

If you want to restore the existing theme next time, you can use the following method.


  1. Click on the Theme option,
  2. Now click on the arrow mark of the Customize button,
  3. Then click on the Restore option and Upload the downloaded theme,
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