How to Stop Pagination Page Indexing

Do you have a WordPress site? Is Google indexing the site’s pagination pages? Then stop pagination indexing immediately, because this will have a significant effect on your site’s SEO. So don’t allow search engines to index pagination pages.

What is Pagination Page?

For example, you have 100 posts published on your site. Set all the posts on the homepage of the site if you want. But it will be difficult for the visitor because he has to scroll a lot to see the old post.

After scrolling the page for some time, the visitor will feel bored or angry. Even if you get mad, the solution is pagination.

Because through pagination, that big page is broken into many smaller pages. And these broken pages are sequentially numbered, ie Page 1, Page 2, Page 3…….. these are called pagination pages.

What are the Benefits of Pagination Pages?

  1. Increases site readability score,
  2. Easy to visit the old article,
  3. Increase website speed, because all articles are not loaded at the same time.
  4. Visitors can jump to any paginate page,

How to Stop Pagination Indexing?

There are two methods for not indexing all these pagination pages. As you know, indexing is mainly controlled by the robots.txt file. Pagination pages will also be controlled in the same way.

1. Noindex Pagination Page by Rank Math

If you are using the rank math SEO plugin, then the following method is for you.

  • Login to your WordPress admin panel,
  • Click on the Title & Meta option under the Rankmath section, How to Stop Pagination Indexing in WordPress - "Page/1/2/3"
  • Now click on the Misc Pages and check the following 2 boxes,
    1. No-index Subpages,
    2. No-index Paginated Single Pages,How to Stop Pagination Indexing in WordPress - "Page/1/2/3"
  • Finally, Save changes.

2. No-Noindex Pagination Page by Robots.txt

  • Add the following two lines in the robots.txt file –
    1. Disallow: /*?page=
    2. Disallow: /*&page=

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