If you have a Generatepress theme, then you can put this stylish follow button on the WordPress site. You can also add your own pictures or brand icons to make it look more beautiful.

WordPress does not require any plugins to put this stylish follow button in the sidebar. All you have to do is place two codes in the right place, so you don’t have to go to the theme editor option.

Stylish Follow Button

How to add a stylish follow button in the sidebar?

First, you download the code below, then you get two codes. Where to install them, follow the instructions below-

  • CSS CODE Placement:-
    1. Log in to Your admin panel,
    2. Click on Customize option under the Appearance section,
    3. Now open the Additional CSS option,
    4. Paste my CSS code at the end of this complete code,
    5. Then publish changes.
  • HTML CODE Placement:-
    1. Click on the Widget option under the Appearance section,
    2. Now click on Add(+) symbol,
    3. Search HTML and you can see Custom HTML, choose it,
    4. Paste HTML code here,
    5. Now Click the Update button.

  • Replace My Social Link:-
    1. HTML code contains my social links, such as – YouTube, Whatsapp, and My other blog site. Set up your social link by replacing them.
    2. If you want to replace the Whatsapp link with a Facebook link, make the following three changes in this HTML code.
      • wp to FB,
      • Whatsapp to Facebook,
      • Whatsapp link to Facebook link.
  • Replace My Image:-
    1. Go to the Media option,
    2. Upload Your image,
    3. After uploading, click on this image
    4. Now you can see the link to this image on right side,
    5. Copy Link and replace my image Link.
    6. Finally, visit Your Site.

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