If your Google AdSense or YouTube channel’s topbar shows a message called Manage Tax Info, how to submit Adsense tax information? There are many videos on YouTube about this, but this post is for my viewers as there is no right solution.

If you can’t submit the form properly, a lot of your income will go away with AdSense. So follow the details of the post till the end of the post, if you miss a bit, you will lose 24% of your income.

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mamage tax info

How to Submit AdSense Tax Information Form?

If you want, you can go to your YouTube channel or go to your AdSense account and click on the notification option. Then you will get the Manage Tax Info option, then you will reach the specified form.

1. Click on ADD TAX INFO,
2. Now you will be asked for your email PASSWORD, fill in it and click ENTER,
3. Now you have to select one of the INDIVIDUAL and NON-INDIVIDUAL options. Your account is individual, 4. then choose the individual option.

If you don’t know what kind of AdSense account you have, follow the steps below to find out. If you select anything without knowing the correct one, then you will make a big mistake.

What Type of Your AdSense Account?

  1. Open the ACCOUNT option in the new tap,
  2. Go to the PAYMENT option,
  3. Click on MANAGE SETTING under SETTINGS bottom,
  4. See the ACCOUNT TYPE option,

Let’s understand what type of account you have. Do not close this tab of your browser now, because you need to collect your address from here.

  • Choose an INDIVIDUAL option, if your account is individual;
  • Click on NEXT bottom,
  • If you are from the United States, the next option is YES, otherwise NO,
  • NEXT
  • Now you will be asked to select the W-S tax form type. If your account is individual, check the first option, otherwise check the second option.
  • Then press the START option,
  • Select your COUNTRY,
  • Now you can see the FOREIGN TIN option, Where you need to type your PAN card number. Remember to give the PAN card number of the person whose AdSense account.
  • NEXT,
  • CHECK the first box,
  • Then you have to fill in the ADDRESS details, with that, you have opened an account.

How to Get Address Details from AdSense?

  1. Open the SECOND TAB of your browser,
  2. You can see NAME AND ADDRESS,
  3. Click on EDIT OPTION,
  4. Now you get your full address,
  • Copy and paste the ADDRESSES one by one,
  • After giving the address you will get a CHECK BOX, check it.
  • Check YES box,
  • also, check NEXT BOX,
  • Choose your COUNTRY again,

Very Important Settings

After selecting the country, you will get three checkboxes, This is the main setting. Follow these settings carefully, because if you make a mistake here, Google will take a lot of your income.

  • Check the FIRST BOX,
  • If there is an option in the ARTICLE AND PARAGRAPH option, select it.
  • Select 0% in WITHHOLDING RATE,
  • Select same as the above setting,
  • Choose 15%,
  • Check the next two-box,
  • Same setting as the previous setting,
  • Tick mark on next box,
settings of adsense tax form
  • NEXT
  • Check I confirmed box and NEXT,
  • Enter your Full Legal Name and check the YES box,
  • NEXT,
  • Check NO in the activities section,
  • Also, check the NEXT box,
  • If you have taken one or more payments from AdSense, check the second box. Otherwise, if you don’t get any payment, check the first box.
submit AdSense tax information

Wait a while, then the approved interface will open. By setting it this way you will submit your AdSense tax form. If you make a mistake, Google will take 24% of your revenue.

AdSense Tax Information in Hindi Video

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