Table of contents WordPress:-

You know the table of contents WordPress is an important on-page SEO factor. Whether it is a blogger site or a WordPress site, the table of contents must be used in every site article.

As many SEO tools as there are, everyone is recommending it, so you have to use it. This will increase the readability score of your article.

what is a table of contents WordPress?

A table of contents is a chat table that contains all the headings and sub-headings of your articles. If your article is large, Visitor Direct will be able to jump to specific headings. And read the paragraph below that heading or sub-heading.

What are the benefits of the table of contents?

  • Visitors will know which topics your article is written on.
  • As the article gets bigger, visitors get bored reading it. But if the table of contents is attached, the visitor will be able to read the necessary paragraphs.
  • Bounce rate decreases,
  • The article will be user-friendly.

what are the benefits of this table of contents WordPress plugin?

  • This is a very light plugin,
  • Simple design,
  • Text Color customization,
  • Title customization,
  • Smooth scrolling option,
  • Show specific headings,
  • Background color customization,
  • Hover color customization,
  • etc.

What is required for the Table of contents?

You understand that table of contents is a combination of headings. However, in some articles, it does not work properly because there is not enough heading in that article.

Therefore you must have a minimum of five headings in your article. Because the default setting of the plugin has five headings selected, you can change it if you want.

How to create a table of contents in a WordPress article?

1. Plugin Installation:-

  • Click on Add New option, under the Plugin section.
  • Search Easy Table of Content plugin,
  • Install and activate the plugin.
easy table of contents plugin

2. Settings of Plugin:-

You can customize the settings, but if you do not, the default settings will show the table of contents. Follow the steps below to customize, but I’ll show you the settings you need. To do this, first, click on the setting option, then click on the table of contents option.

  1. Enable Support- select posts and pages,
  2. Auto Insert- select posts and pages,
  3. Position- In which position of the article you will set the table of contents, select it.
  4. Show when- Set at least how many headings in the article, the table will show.
  5. Display Header Label-
    • If you want to give the title of the table, select it.
    • Enter the title you want in the header level box. Such as table of contents, jump to headings, etc.
  6. Then set all the settings to the default, if you want to customize the color, scroll down to the theme section.
    • Click the custom option,
    • Now customize the color as you like.
  7. Go to the Headings section and select the all headings option.
  8. Finally Save Settings.
  9. Now visit your article.

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