In my blogging world, the person I have been following as a teacher is Vedant sir. one of the webs is technovedant, the design of this blog I like very much.

I will show you the complete design of that techno vedant blog template. Which I used in my WordPress blog and approved by AdSense. So understand that this is an AdSense-friendly WordPress theme.

Not only this, AdSense friendly WordPress Theme, there are many advantages this theme. You too can make your site more beautiful by installing this theme on your WordPress site.

There is a lot of demand for the theme of a blogger. This template will meet all of those needs, click the button below to see the design.

Techno vedant Blog template

What is the Name of the Techno Vedant Blog Template?

Many bloggers like me follow Vedant Sir, many do not know what theme he uses. And many want to build a website with the theme of Vedant Sir.

Just can’t know the name of the theme, use any other theme. It can be seen that the theme is not Adsense friendly or mobile-friendly.

Technovedant Blogger Theme is the real name, Access Press Mag. The theme has unlimited advantages, the advantages for which you have to pay enough to buy.

Advantages of Access Press Mag

  1. With this theme, you can create multiple websites.
    • Magazine,
    • Blog,
    • Newspaper,
  2. No virus,
  3. Responsive Theme
    • Adsense friendly,
    • Mobile friendly,
    • SEO friendly,
  4. Very easy setting,
  5. You can set the layout as you like or you can create pages without the layout.
  6. comments count and post views count set-up,
  7. Additional layouts can be set on the homepage,
  8. You can give captions with images on the page, you can also add videos.
  9. Standard text front,
  10. translation option,
  11. 5 star Post rating,
  12. Any ad unit can be set, such as –
    • Responsive ad,
    • Banner ad,
    • linked,
  13. Author box,
  14. You can set social profiles, social like buttons, and share buttons.
  15. Automatic Future Post slider,
  16. Static homepage available,
  17. Table of Pot –
    • Recent posts,
    • Popular posts,
    • Random post,
  18. Multiple Menu –
    • Top Menu,
    • Primary Menu,
    • Sidebar menu,
    • Footer menu,
  19. Automatic updates,
  20. Direct editor for Admin,
  21. Go to top-bottom.


How to set up a Homepage?

Now I will show the homepage design of the access press mag theme. If you want access press mag layout which is slider section, block section, sidebar section, and everything.

Then you need to set the homepage otherwise only your latest Post will appear one by one on your website homepage. I will show you how you can set the homepage.

Static home page
    1. First log in to your WordPress,
    2. then here on the left side go to PAGES,
    3. Click on ADD NEW,
    4. Enter HOME in the title bar,
    5. Select homepage TEMPLATE from the right side,
    6. Published it.
    1. After publishing your page, go to SETTING,
    2. And click on READING,
    3. right now it’s the latest post but you need to check the STATIC PAGE,
    4. Choose HOME on the front page,
    5. Save changes.
Recent posts on homepage

Now visit your site and check the design, if you don’t like it, you can see the second design. I would recommend the second design to be applied, as the first design slows down the site.

    1. Back to WordPress Dashboard,
    2. Go to SETTING and click on READING,
    3. choose YOUR LATEST POST,
    4. Save changes.

Now visit your site and see what the look is like, you will also see this look on my site. Which one you choose now is your personal decision.

Add Header Menu On Access Press Mag

    1. Go to appearance then click on Menu, You will see here that no menu has been created.
    2. so let’s create one, first Write the Menu name, I prefer to write TOP Menu
    3. then add the list of menus that you want, I will add a few pages
    4. so click on pages
    5. I am adding home, about us, contact us
    6. click add to the menu,
    7. save Manu
    1. It must be created in the same way as the TOP menu.
    2. Only its name should be kept in the TOP menu right
    3. I will add other pages here, so I clicked on the page option.
    4. Choose disclaimer, privacy policy, DMC
    5. Click on add to Menu and save Manu
Create manu on website
    1. Create this menu in the same way,
    2. Name this menu Primary Menu
    3. You have to put a category here, so click on the category
    4. choose all categories of your website,
    5. Press add to Manu and save Manu.

Header Manu Placement

MANU placement on website
    1. Go to appearance
    2. Header Setting
    3. Now place the menu you want,
    4. On top Menu option,
    5. Choose Top Menu from the select top menu
    6. Choose top menu right from top menu right,
    7. Then click on the save option.
    1. Back to Manu,
    2. Choose a top menu from the select menu to edit option and click select bottom,
    3. Go to Manu Setting and check the Top menu,
    4. Save Manu.
    1. Click Manu on the left side
    2. Choose TOP MANU RIGHT and select
    3. Check TOP MANU RIGHT in menu Setting
    4. Save
primary Menu placement

Now once you visit your site, see how beautiful the header looks. So I chose the techno vedant blog template. You can also change the look of your site by using this template.

How to Set Website Logo and Favicon?

Now it’s time for the website Logo Setting. Not here as a logo, you can add a text or both image and text. So when you add text, this can be customized By going to appearance and customize.

Here you can see the title and tagline. Well, this is the text that will appear if you select text as a logo. That’s how I put the name of my site here then save and publish.

Now you can also put a header logo, so to do this you need to select the image and text. After this click on the uploaded logo, and you can get it from the media library. If you already have it there or you can update a new file.

set logo and Favicon of Access Press Mag template

Now, something is from the logo Setting and You can also upload a favicon. To upload a favicon, which is should be 16×16 pixels.

Now you can also have logo alt attribute and logo title attribute, now save your option. After your option is saved, let’s go to the front end of the website and also see how to logo section is appearing.

How to Configure the Slider Setting?

You can put your slider images and your title below the primary Menu. When you make a slider to cover the whole area, you need to make four posts or more.

    1. Go to your admin panel,
    2. Click theme options in appearance,
    3. Click on home page Setting and here in the slider Setting,
    4. You can select a category to Shaw as a slider image,
    5. You can do other Setting, such as show pager, control transition, title, and number of sliders you want on the homepage,
    6. Then click on the save option.

Before proceeding you need to post under a category. If there are not enough posts in your set category, the slider will not be fully visible.

How to add Widgets on Home Page?

Now I will show the homepage sidebar setting so that your homepage is more unique. You can set social icons in this sidebar, the latest Pos widget, and some other widgets.

Social Icon

  1. let’s log in to your WordPress and on the left side click on appearance,
  2. Go to widgets, these are the widgets of Access Press Mag,
  3. You will see the home top sidebar option on the right, add the access press social icon widget here. If you want to set the same widget on the page home page, set the right sidebar, not the home top sidebar.
  4. Put the title and choose icon set
  5. Save it.

Before proceeding with the widget make sure that you have installed all the plugins that are suggested to you. After the installation of Access Press Mag that is access press social counter, social icon, newsletter, etc.

Along with social share and newsletter plugin, so by going to each plugin and configuring all the Settings. Now you can use this widget directly, so I have selected a social icon.

Social Counter

Just like you have added social icons in the home top sidebar, add social counters in the same way. Write the social counter in the title and choose any theme, save it.

Block Setting of Access Press Mag

in this paragraph, I will show you, how to configure the block Setting with This theme. It is just below the slider section, which makes your site so attractive.

  1. log in to WordPress then under appearance go to theme option,
  2. And here in the layout Setting, you can see the home page Setting, click on it
  3. You get is block Setting, click on there
  4. For the block, you need to make a post under a category so that you can select that category,
  5. You can also select the number of posts, you want to show there,
  6. Similarly, select another block and set another category,
  7. Save Setting

On the home page that you can also see there is an editor pick Setting, where you can select a category. do the same as block Setting and save your option.

Why do I Use Techno Vedant Blog Template on my website?

You can find out why I used the same template on my site as techno Vedant Blog, after a thorough review of my site. I did not get AdSense approval by using other templates but using this template, I got AdSense approval easily.

If you also want to approve an AdSense account or make your site look standard, you must use this theme. As I said before, I say again, you do not activate this static home page, set a recent post on the home page like my site.

Find out for yourself how much the static home page slows down your site. And you know how much the site’s speed affects the ranking.

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