Today I will discuss 11 tips to secure WordPress website in 2022. The level of hacking is increasing day by day, so if your website is not hacked, you have to pay attention to that.

#1 Use a Good Web Hosting

Did you know that hosting is one of the most hacking attempts? If your hosting is not good, whatever you do for security, everything is useless.

Many beginners use free hosting or chip hosting to save money. But you know, hosting depends a lot on the other website. But you know what, a website depends on the hosting.

So I say, use good hosting even if it is late. I will not promote any hosting company, but I would recommend using Hostinger.

#2 Use a strong Password and strong username

Hackers are always trying to capture user IDs and passwords. This is because most users keep the user-id “admin” in the admin panel.

You will never go for that, I will recommend keeping the user ID unique. And the password must be strong, if possible, use the automatically-generated password.

#3 Limit Login Attempts

If someone else wants to log in to your admin, they will try with a random password, because they do not know the correct password. You can set this login limit, suppose you set the log-in limit 3 times.

If a person cannot log in after three attempts, he will be blacklisted. This is also a great way to prevent hacking, hopefully, your doubts have been cleared.

#4 Change Login Permalink

Usually, we type wp-admin after the domain, to go to the admin panel. Hackers also choose the same path to reach the login page.

You need to change this login permalink to a custom permalink. Such as – For this, you can use the wp hide login Plugin.

#5 Don’t Use crack plugin or theme

Premium plugins or themes have advanced features, which is why beginners want to use this. But the premium version is costly, many can’t afford it.

As a result, they use cracked versions of those plugins or themes. That’s where the mistake goes because the hacking method is hidden in the crack version.

What a beginner doesn’t understand is, This increases the chances of websites being hacked. Now you decide which version to use.

#6 update plugins and theme

Regularly check the plugins or themes you are using. Because when they get the updated version, they have to keep it updated.

You can do this update manually and also set it automatically. I would recommend that you set up an automatic update of the plugin or theme.

#7 remove inactive plugin and theme

You check, does your site have any inactive plugins or themes? If so, delete them. Because even with those inactive plugins or themes there is a chance of attack.

#8 turn off user registration

If your site has a user registration feature, turn it off. Because there is a possibility of being hacked from there.

#9 regular backup

Set up regular backups for your site so you can get backups later. You can set up an external backup, that is, on Google Drive, not on the hosting.


All the points I have discussed must be followed. Also, use the ithemes plugin for advanced security. However, these plugins do not support some hosting, see if you are supported. So I will recommend you to proceed with the backup of the site. If an error is seen, you can restore the site again. If the article seems helpful, please comment. If you can, click on the following button of the site, follow the site.

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