Have you decided to buy a TV? Of course, you will go to a TV showroom but have you decided which TV to take? Because there are so many smart TVs available in the smart world, what types of smart TV would you buy?

Types of smart tv

Before you go to the TV showroom, you need to clear up some confusion. Because whenever you tell the shopkeeper to buy a TV, he can ask you a lot of questions. If you don’t know the answer to that question, the shopkeeper can cheat you and give you any type of smart TV.

  • Find out what the shopkeeper can ask …
    1. Which TV would you like?
      • LED – QLED, OLED,
      • CRT
      • PLASMA
    2. How big a TV to buy?
    3. What types of TV to buy?
      • SMART TV
      • Normal TV

Tv v/s Monitor

Many people think that one stone will kill two birds. Because it costs a lot to buy a 32-inch monitor, so buy a 32-inch TV. You think by connecting HDMI to the TV, you will make a monitor. This is where you make a big mistake.

Because the refresh rate of the monitor is much higher( Up to 120 Hz ) than the TV. The TV is made for watching from a distance, so as not to sit near. To run a computer, on the other hand, you must sit close to the monitor.

In this case, if your monitor is a TV, all text or images, or videos will be blurred. For this, I would recommend if you want a monitor, buy a monitor and if you want a TV, buy a TV. Then you understand the difference between TV and monitor.

How big a TV to buy?

When you decide to buy a TV, how big a TV do you think you will buy? Which size TV to buy, there are three formulas, which are running all over the world. If you can understand this formula, then your TV size confusion will go away.

FORMULA 1:- The first formula is Where will you put the TV you buy? I mean, do you put the TV on the wall, or put it on the table? That means you have to determine the size of the TV based on the space in your room.

FORMULA 2:- As you may know, the size of the TV is calculated diagonally. The second formula is, if you divide the size of your TV by 1.5, you will have to watch TV from exactly the same distance as the result.

But at present, no one buys a TV following this formula. Rather, depending on the budget, everyone buys a TV. The bigger the TV is available at a lower price, everyone buys that TV.

FORMULA 3:- The reason why TV is watched from a distance is because of the resolution of the TV. When buying a TV, you must look at the resolution of the TV. Here resolution means pixels. Now the question may come to your mind, what are these pixels again?

What is pixels of TV?

Before you know what pixels are, how does a TV show pictures or videos? Then you can know what pixels are. In fact, the video we see on TV is deceptive. What we call video is actually a frame of innumerable images.

When countless images are quickly changed, it is a video that deceives our eyes and brain. If that image can be zoomed to the maximum, you will see numerous squares of different colors, these are called pixels.

Suppose the pixels of your mobile is 720 × 480 and the pixels of your TV are 1920 × 1080. Now a video whose pixels are 720 × 480, watch that video on mobile and TV. Notice, the video on the TV looks blurry nearby but looks clear when you move a little farther.

The main reason for this is the pixels of your TV, less than the size. So I would say the resolution should be higher with the size of your TV. Then you will see the clarity in a full HD video. Notice the pixels list below, and buy the TV by looking at the resolution.

  • Types of resolutions
    • 720×480 – DVD
    • 1280×720 – HD
    • 1920×1080 – FULL HD
    • 3840×2160 – 4K 1080P
    • 4096×2160 – DCI STANDARD

Refresh Rate

As I said before, if 25-30 photos are running in one second, it shows the video in our eyes. How many images will show in one second is a refreshing read. Refresh read is different, such as – 60 Hz, 120 Hz, 240 Hz, 600 Hz. Your refresh read must be at least 60 Hz.

  • TV refresh read, depending on the size of the TV.
    1. 60 Hz – >37 inches
    2. 120 Hz – 42 to 59 inches [non-3D]
    3. 240 Hz – 60< inches [3D(42 to 60 non-3D)]
    4. 600 Hz – 60< inches [3D]

What Types of Smart TV?

Now I will discuss the main topic, Types of Smart TV. You must have heard of LCD, LED, OLED, QLED, to put it simply, there are two types of TVs in the world, LCD and LED.

About LCD

LCD means a liquid crystal display. These TVs contain liquid crystals that produce different colors. When light is applied from the back of this crystal, it creates an image by pixels. In the case of LCD, this light is used for CCFL light or flurocel light.

About LED

Called LED, it is a type of LCD, in which liquid crystal is also used. But using the light behind the crystal, it’s the LED panel. The advantage of this is that the current cost is reduced. For that reason, We use LED, switching LCD in our room.

About QLED

In addition to LCD and LED, Samsung also developed another product called QLED TV. This TV has more brightness, more sharpness, more color. This is a quantum dot display.

The three TVs I discussed above are all one type of LCD TV. Because all TVs have liquid crystals, and to illuminate it, it needs light from behind. Just to increase the brightness, and reduce the power consumption, LED lights are used, for which this TV is called LED TV.

About OLED

The TV review I will show this time is completely different. It does not use any liquid crystals. So you say, how is the picture coming on OLED TV? You will be surprised to hear that photos are made with led lights.

This TV uses led light instead of liquid crystal. If you zoom in on the image, you will see many pixels. How many pixels are there, all of them are led light Or organic light-emitting diode.

For example: – If the pixels of the TV are 4096 × 2110, then the number of LED lights is 4096 × 2110 = 8,642,560. The number of lead in the horizontal of the said TV is 4096 and the number of lead in the vertical is 2110.

To use a lot more led, the price of the TV is much higher. But in terms of clarity, OLED TV is above all TVs. Even if you watch TV while sitting very close, you will not see pixels. So 4k TVs use OLED-type technology.

Input Port Of Tv

I have discussed above some basic issues of TV, this time I will talk about the input port of the TV. If you do not have the required input port on the back of the TV, then there is a problem. So be sure to check the input port when buying a TV.

  • All the ports that a TV must have are …..
    1. 2 HDMI port:- I said two HDMI ports, for this reason, you put a set-top box in one, you can put something else in the other. Otherwise, you have to open it repeatedly, as a result, the port will be destroyed quickly.
    2. 2 USB port:- That’s why you need two HDMI ports, that’s why you need two USB ports. 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports are recommended on your TV. Apart from these, whatever else you have will be your increment.

Makeup Of Tv

By TV makeup, who is meant by the look of the TV. In terms of makeup, there are three types of Smart TV, curved TV and flat TV, and 3d tv. Curved TV was running at first but did not run later. There were several reasons why the flat TV market is more active.

Curved TV v/s Flat TV

  • As many manufacturing TV companies as there are, are now focusing more on flat TVs. Why?
    1. Flat TV, you can easily mount on your wall. Curved TV, you can’t put a wall, you have to use a table for that, this requires a lot of space.
    2. You can’t watch Curved TV from the side, you have to watch it sitting in front of the TV. And you can watch flat TV from any angle.

Due to this, the sales of Curved TV have decreased a lot. Doesn’t that mean Curved TV is made? Yes, it is made. Yet some companies make, you can buy it if you want. However, its use can be seen more in the news studio room.

3D TV v/s Non-3D TV

TV companies are thinking about what new features can be offered on TV so that TV people are interested in buying. Such thoughts, such as works, made 3d TV. Through this, the audience enjoyed the real video, but it did not last long.

Because, 3D TV requires 3D glasses, 3D video content, Dolby sound which is not commonly available. Again video recording is in 2D format, not all videos are available in 3D format. For those who are interested in 3D videos, there are many 3D theaters, you can go there and watch.

What is a SMART TV?

Now I will talk about smart TV, which is a smart TV? When the whole world became smart, TV companies made smart TVs. TVs became like smart mobiles, smart TVs in which the company installed extra features.

Smart Tv v/s Non-Smart TV

The two TVs are the same, but you can watch any show of your choice in addition to the TV show on a smart TV. There are some online apps installed that access the internet from WiFi.

Be careful! Semi-smart TVs are also available in the market, stay away from these. Because the seller will say smart TV, but it is seen that it does not have WiFi. As a result, by connecting the wire, you can access the internet, which is a little inconvenient.

Smart TV and Non-Smart TV are also available in the market now, with a difference of Rs 5000 to 10,000. So I would recommend, buy a non-smart TV. Because, now Amazon’s fire tv stick, Chromecast is available, which will make your TV a smart TV.

What do you mean by smart TV? Smart means TV software, hardware will change. That means an operating system or Android system is installed on the TV. For which you will get the benefit of your Android on TV.

Why spend more than 10000 rupees? Buy this thing for better than 2000 or 3000 rupees. Buy fire sticks from Amazon, it will easily connect to the TV’s USB port. With it, you will get a remote, with which you can easily control the TV.

Which TV you buy depends on your budget, you will buy the TV as much as your budget. If you want to buy a big TV, which will have good clarity, good refresh read, good resolution. Then buy a non-smart TV and get smart by spending 2000-3000 rupees. If you have a large budget, buy a SMART TV with all configurations.

The Important Thing About Smart Tv

  1. One thing to keep in mind, whichever non-smart or smart TV you buy, the only common denominator is the Internet.
  2. You can’t access anything without the internet, 4 Mbps internet is a must.
  3. If you buy a smart TV, you have to pay 800 rupees/month separately on Netflix.
  4. Net package separately,
  5. There is a separate price for the handset, as well as a separate price for the apps you will use.

What do you think now? It is better to buy a set-top box and watch normal TV than to buy a smart TV. What are you thinking? Just buy a DTH tv, and watch what it shows.

What television to buy?

I discussed all the issues of TV, now what types of Smart TV should I buy? See the list below for that. Hope all your confusion is gone.

  • Brand:- See many brands of TVs are available in the market and many budget TVs are also available. Such as hair, Westinghouse, Vizio, Toshiba, Insignia, LG, Sony, Panasonic, RCA, Sharp, Sanyo, Samsung, JVC, etc.
    • Low budget (out of 35000): -Also if you have more budget, you can buy VU TV, mi TV, TCL TV. Remember these are budget, this type of TV will not get as much clarity as you think. It is better to buy them offline because you can buy them by watching the clarity of the TV.
    • High budget (Over 40000): – If your budget is 40,000 or more, you can buy a TV from any band company. Because the TV is bad, you will find many service centers, where you can repair the TV.
  • WARRANTY:- You bought any TV you thought of and used it for a while. Then it turned out to be bad, which will cost a lot to repair, what to do to spend your own money? No, buy a TV from a reputed company that will give you a warranty on your TV for a longer period of time.

Types of Smart TV Video in Hindi


I discussed almost everything in the post, the last one I will recommend is, never buy TV online. Because when buying your TV online, TV cannot be properly verified. And online reviews give a lot of false details about things. So I will recommend, whenever you buy something, buy it offline. You can verify the item and tell the seller if it goes bad. I hope you understand what types of smart TV you will buy?

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