URL Field Under Comment Section

Just as there are good visitors, there are also bad visitors who create backlinks to your site on the pretext of commenting. You have given permission to create the backlink, in the comment section of your post.

URL Field Under Comment Section

By looking at the above image, you can surely understand that this is the normal comment section of any wordpress site. There are four boxes in the section where you can type, they are – Comment, Name, Email and Website box.

While the first three of these writing boxes are fine, the last one is harmful to your site. Because visitors can give links in this website box, and if the spam score of that link is high, your site will also increase.

So according to below method, remove website box from comment section. This is to control future visitors, but what about old comments? Where links are already added.

The solution to these two problems is one, just add the code in the right place. You can add the code through cpanel and also through wordpress admin panel. But I will show you how to add the code through the wordpress admin panel.

How to Add This Code in Theme File?

  • First, Login your WordPress admin panel,
  • Go to Theme File Edit option under Appearance section,
  • Open function.php file,
  • Add my code below all code,
  • Update Changes.
Remove website field under comment section

Remove Website URL Field Under Comment Section

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