viral go blogger template customization

You have seen many themes so far, but this viral go blogger template is completely different from them. However, if it is possible to customize correctly, today’s post is about the correct customization of that theme.

If this theme can be customized that way, it will look exactly like a WordPress site. Because in a WordPress theme like header, body, sidebar, and footer design, this theme has the same design.

Viral go template speed

What are the features of the Viral Go Blogger Template?

1. 100% Full Responsive Fast,
2. Lazy-Load,
3. Mobile Friendly,
4. Adsense friendly,
5. Designed like a premium theme,
6. Running text in the header,
7. Top Manu for mandatory page,
8. Top Manu for social media,
9. Fast loading,
10. Header menu for the category,
11. Running menu,
12. Current time,
13. Social media like counters,
14. Running text in sidebar,
15. Email Subscription button,
16. Footer menu,
17. Custom copyright text,
18. Custom Copyright©️ text,

How to Customize Viral Go Blogger Template?

Customize the theme in the same way that I will show you how to customize a viral go template. To do this, first, download the following codes, then download the theme.

1. Backup Your existing theme,
2. New Theme installation,
3. Some code placement,
4. Then publish and View.

How to Backup Blogger Template?

1. log in to your blogger dashboard,
2. Click on Theme,
3. Then click the Backup button under Customize option,
4. Now download and save the Theme.

How to Install Blogger Template?

1. Sign in blogger Edit panel,
2. Click on Theme Options,
3. Then click the Restore button under Customize option,
4. Click on the Upload button,
5. Select the new theme, that I provide you.

NOTE:- If you already have a theme installed on your blogger site, delete the deletable gadgets after backing up the themes. Because old gadgets will be added even after installing new themes.

Header Setup of Viral Go Blogger Template

How to add Scrolling Text in Top?

add Scrolling Text in Top

1. Go to blogger dashboard,
2. Click on Theme Option,
3. Then click on the Edit HTML button under Customize option,
4. Copy my running text code and past it above <head> tag,
5. Then save changes.

add Scrolling Text in blogger

Note:- The code contains my YouTube channel link and name, edit it. If you only want text running, delete the <b> to </b> tags in the code. By deleting my custom text, you can add the text you want to run.

How to Add Pages on Top Manu in blogger?

top pages menu in blogger

1. Go to the layout section,
2. You can see Top Bar Manu, click on the edit option,
3. Copy my 7 number code and past the Content box,
4. Replace # with your page link,
5. Then Save.

add pages menu in blogger

How to Add Top Bar Social in Blogger?

Add Top Bar Social in Blogger

1. Go to the layout section,
2. Click on the edit option under Top Bar Social,
3. Copy my 8 number code and past it here,
4. Replace # with your social media link,
5. Save.

Add Top Bar Social in Blogger

Setup Your Won Social Link in Top Manu

1. Edit the top bar social gadget again,
2. Every social media name in the code has a # before each social media name. If you want to set up a Facebook link, replace the previous # of Facebook Word in the code and give your Facebook link.
3. Set up other social media links in the same way.

Social Link Edit in blogger

Delete Unwanted Social Icon from Top Manu

The code that I have provided contains a total of 7 social media link codes. You may not have all those social media, in which case you need to delete the Unwanted Social media icon.

Notice that each social media link-code in the code begins with <li> and ends with </li>. If you want to delete a social media icon, delete <li> to </li> of that particular link-code.

Delete Unwantd Social Icon

How to Add Main Manu in Blogger?

Add Main Manu in Blogger

1. Open your blogger dashboard,
2. Then click on layout options,
3. Now click on the edit button under the Header Manu option,
4. Copy my 2 number code and past it here,
5. Replace # with your category link,
6. Give your category title by deleting the text I have given. Ex- AAAA, BBBBB, CCCC, DDDDD,
5. Save

main manu in blogger

Sidebar Setup of Viral Go Blogger Template

How to Add Social Media to Sidebar?

Add Social Media to Sidebar

Copy code number 6 and set it in the sidebar. Customize by following the steps below.

Customize Your Own Social Link

The code has a separate <li> section for each icon. Each section contains # instead of the link, you will set your social media link by replacing this #.

Keep the counter numbers in the code different. If you keep the same visitor will understand the fake profile, then the chance of clicking is reduced.

Customize Your Own Social Link

Delete Unwanted Social Link

If you want to delete a specific icon, Then delete the <li> section of that icon in the code. If you do not understand, see the picture below.

Delete Unwanted Social Link

How to Add Scrolling Manu in Sidebar?

Add Scrolling Manu in Sidebar

Set my code number 4 in the sidebar and see the image below to set up your link. If you want to set the category, set your category link and category title.

If you set an important post, add links and short titles to those posts. If it is a big title, then the whole title will not show.

Scrolling Manu in Sidebar

Footer Setup of Viral Go Blogger Template

How to Add Pages in Footer?

Add Pages in Footer

Copy my code number 7, and set the gadget at the bottom of your layout section. Then remove the #s and add the links to your page and save.

Do the same in the footer in the same to as you set the pages in the header.


Install the Viral Go Blogger Template and let us know what your blogger site looks like. If there is any problem, please comment, I will try to solve your problem. Join my telegram channel for posts like this.

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