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It is very difficult to do lead generation at present, now you are wondering what is lead generation? Suppose you have a website through which you are selling a product or generating revenue.

whatsapp plugin for website

Whenever a visitor visits your site, buys a product, or registers online, that visitor’s information is called the lead. It may be a mobile number or an email ID but very few visitors share it.

Maybe you have a chat option on your site, where most of the visitors communicate fake emails. Unbeknownst to you, the visitor captures the information, which means that the lead is out of your hands.

But if you put a WhatsApp chat on your site and if a visitor chats with that chat engine, you will get his number directly. In this post, I will discuss how this is possible and also show the installation method.

About this WhatsApp Chat Plugin

Looking at the picture above, you must understand what the WhatsApp chat engine will look like on your WordPress site. You can set it to mobile version or web version, you can set the logo with a “Hello” message.

  • WhatsApp Plugin for Website - WhatsApp Live Chat FREE
  • WhatsApp Plugin for Website - WhatsApp Live Chat FREE
  • WhatsApp Plugin for Website - WhatsApp Live Chat FREE
  • WhatsApp Plugin for Website - WhatsApp Live Chat FREE

Visitors will be attracted to this logo and whenever they click “Hello, How Why to Help You?” the message will show. Then the chat option will be highlighted below, if the visitor clicks here WhatsApp chat will open as soon as automatically.

So the visitor did not have to type any mobile number or save any number. But whenever you receive the message, you will also get the mobile number of the visitor.

Setup of WhatsApp Chat Plugin

How to Install WhatsApp Plugin for Website?

1. Go to your WordPress dashboard,
2. Click Plugin and choose to Add new,
3. Search JOIN.CHAT on the search bar,
4. Install and Activate it.

How to Setup of WhatsApp Plugin for Website

1. Open the setting of this plugin,
2. Put your mobile number in the telephone bar,
3. Type “Hey, I came here from your website” in the message box,
4. Choose a position, where sow this chat, I recommend choosing the right position,
5. Write “Hello” in the tooltip box,
6. Bottom delay keep 5 seconds,
7. If you want to show in the mobile version, select mobile only. If you want to show the web version, check the second box. You can select the two together if you want.
8. Write “Hello, how can I help you?” in Call to action,
9. Put 2 in Chat delay and page view,
10. Now click on Save changes.

I hope I have been able to show you clearly, if you do not understand, please comment. The settings that I skipped will be by default, do the other settings as shown.

Whatsapp Chat on WordPress Video in Hindi

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