We have already discussed how to do automatic internal linking on the Blogger site. Today, let’s see how to do automatic internal linking on the WordPress site.

You have searched or watched many video tutorials on this topic, but you may not have found the right tutorial yet. Today with the help of this article you can easily do automatic internal linking on your WordPress site.

On the Blogger site, you have to edit the theme, that is, coding matters. But in the case of WordPress, with a small plugin, you can get the same benefits.

But there is a problem because if you use the free version, you will not get all the benefits of this plugin. You can use the premium version if you want, then you can get the advanced benefits.

But I think the free version is good enough, so you use it. I will show you how to customize the free version, first of all, let’s talk about the features of this plugin.

What Are Features Of Automatic Internal Linking Plugin Free?

1. Custome heading name,
2. Button style,
3. Heading, Title, Box background, Box hover color customization,
4. Border shadow,
5. Link placement,
6. Maximum 3 links in one post,
7. etc.

What Are Features Of Automatic Internal Linking Plugin pro?

In the Pro version, you will get all the extra features-
1. Premium box themes with featured images,
2. Configure UNLIMITED Inline Linking Boxes,
3. 24/7 World champion support,
4. Configure hover effect with different colors,
5. 100 seconds Install & Forget,
6. FREE IntellyTrust: Solve your problem in 48 hours.

How To Create Automatic Internal Linking In A Post?

1. First download the automatic internal linking plugin,
2. Go to your WordPress admin panel,
3. Click on the Add New button under the Plugins section,
4. Click on the Upload Plugin option,
5. Now upload the downloaded plugin, and install & activate it,
6. Click Inline Related Posts, under the Setting section.
7. Activate features,
8. Customize as you like, you will see a preview of that customization.

Automatic internal Linking Bangla video tutorial

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