Progress Bar Code For WordPress

Surely you understand by looking at the picture above? I’m talking about a progress bar. If your article is large and you use the Generate Press theme, you can put Progress Bar on your site.

On the one hand, it will enhance the beauty of your article, on the other hand, it will help the visitors to understand how much the article has been read or how much is left.

Add progress bar in gP theme

First, download the code by clicking on the download button below. Now confirm that your Generate Press theme is premium and has the Element feature active. If you have a free theme, make the theme premium and follow the steps below for the element feature.

active elements feature in the GP theme

  • Open your WordPress admin panel,
  • First, go to generate press option under appearance option,
  • Now you can see the elements feature, Activate it.

Put progress bar code

  1. Click on the Element button under the appearance section,
  2. Now click on Add New Elements
  3. Give the title you want.
  4. Choose element type, Hook and create,
  5. Fast downloaded Code,
  6. Now choose wp_body_open, under Hook section
  7. Then click the Display Rules option,
  8. Choose Post then All Post,
  9. Now you can publish, after published visit Your any article.

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