Today’s topic is WordPress Spam Protection, which is very important for any WordPress site. You probably know spam, and how harmful it is for any site. You need to protect your site from spam now, otherwise, you will not get a chance later.

Why do Websites Spam Protection?

If your site’s spam score increases, the site’s ranking will not be and will disappear from the Google search engine. Check your site’s spam score with any spam checker website, if the score is 0 or less, get protection now.

Once the site’s spam score has increased, no protection will work later. Find out what kind of spam score, how harmful, –

  • 1% to 30% score is low,
  • 31% to 60% score is medium,
  • 60% to 100% score is high.

How does a Website Increase Spam Scores?

There are two main reasons for a high spam score on a website: spam comments and backlinks. Now you wonder how it is possible? This time I will see that.

1. Increase Spam Scores by Comments

Your site has different types of visitors, some of them are dishonest people. People who visit your site only get traffic from your site, that is, to get backlinks.

Comments with URLs are called spam comments. Now you are wondering how such comments increase the spam score? Spam Score will only increase when –

  • If that site has a high spam score,
  • If that site has low DA PA,
  • If that site does not currently exist,

2. Increase Spam Scores by Backlink

Many beginners are addicted to traffic and create backlinks to various sites. Many people create paid backlinks again but never check the details of those sites.

Suppose you create a backlink to a site that has a high spam score or does not exist. That backlink will also increase the spam score on your site.

So before creating any backlinks, you must check the DA, PA, Spam Score, and Domain Age of that site. In that case, the chances of your site’s spam score increasing are greatly reduced.

How to do WordPress Spam Protection?

Now let’s see how to protect your site from spam comments. For this, I have adopted two automatic methods on my site. They are –

  • Comment Moderation,
  • Akismet Anti Spam Plugin,

1. Comment Setup to Spam Protection

Visitors will be able to comment on your site through the below setup but will not be published. Only comments that you approve will be published. You will approve a comment that does not contain a link.

  • First, click on the Discussion option under the Settings section,
  • Scroll and go to the “Before a comment appears” options,
  • Check the “Comment must be manually approved” option,
  • Now go to the next option (comments moderation),
  • Type 0 link,
  • Save Changes.
WordPress Spam Protection by Comment setup

2. Akismet Anti Spam Protection

Best WordPress Spam Protection - 2 WAY

Not only do you need to install the Akismet anti-spam plugin, but you also need to install the Jetpack plugin first. Because the Jetpack plugin will connect to your site and the Akismet plugin works with Jetpack, so install and activate these two plugins.

I can’t see all the settings of Jetpack here, because it has a lot of settings. I will only show the settings that are needed to block spam. Here are some settings to auto-block spam:

    1. After activating Jetpack click on the “My Jetpack” option under the “Jetpack” section,
    2. Then click on the “Connect your user account“,connect website withe jetpack
    3. You will find the same option again, click.
    4. You will get the sign-in option, click here and log in with your Google account,
    5. Finally, you will get the “Approve” button, click here.jetpack connecting withe site
    6. Click as shown in the below image,anti spam setup
    7. Now click on the “Connect with Jetpack” option,
    8. Now setup the Anti-spam setting according below image,anti spam plugin setup
    9. Finally, save changes.
  • COMMENTS MODERATION:- From then on, all spam comments on your site will be stored in the spam folder. If you want, you can remove the link of the comments and approve it, otherwise, you can delete it completely. To moderate comments-
    1. Click on the “Dashboard” under the “Jetpack” section,
    2. Then you can find the “Moderate Comments” under the “Anti-spam” tabs, click here.moderate comments-
    3. Now you can find all Spam Comments,moderation comment of wordpress

Video for WordPress Spam Protection

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