In today’s post, I will discuss a big problem, which is “You Already Have an AdSense Account“. When applying for AdSense, this common error message comes from AdSense. If you want to use AdSense or have applied for AdSense, you may also get this error.

What is this error? What is the reason for this error? How to fix it ?, I will discuss the details. First of all, if you are a new visitor to my site, there is a Telegram Join button on the right sidebar, click and join.

You Already Have an AdSense Account

What Reason for “You Already Have an AdSense Account” Issue

You Already Have an AdSense Account

First, you need to know what is this error? Or get this kind of mail for whatever reason. You may know that a certain individual user will have only one account according to the Google AdSense policy.

If you already have an AdSense account in your name, you still want to open another AdSense account with the same name. A second account may be created, but the next time you apply for AdSense, you will receive this error mail. You will be told in that email, you already have an AdSense account, apply through it.

How to Fix “You Already Have an AdSense Account”?

You can solve this error by following 4 ways. The first way is to make sure you don’t create an AdSense account with that name before. If you do not already have an account, you can create a new one and apply for AdSense.

1st Method

Otherwise, if the account is in your name, create an AdSense account in the name of another adult in your household. In this case, even if your address is the same, there is no problem, AdSense will accept your request. But in my opinion, if possible, keep the mobile number and mail ID separate.

2nd Method

If you already have an AdSense account, you forgot. If you receive such an error mail after applying for AdSense with a second account, you will find your previous email address in that mail. According to Google’s policy- (1) to approve a new AdSense account, delete the previous AdSense account completely, (2) otherwise you get AdSense approval with that old account.

How to Delete Existing AdSense Account?

Many users decide to delete the existing account in order to get approval with the new AdSense account. But the beginners made a big mistake in deleting the existing account. They do not delete the AdSense account created with that particular email account, they delete the entire mail account. Remember that if you make that mistake, all access to that mail will be deleted from your device. So, follow the below step to delete the existing AdSense account-

  1. Log in to Your old AdSense account,
  2. Click on the Account Information option under the Account button,
  3. Then click on the Close Account button,How to Delete Existing AdSense Account
  4. Now go to the site option of that AdSense account,
  5. Click on the Details button under your particular domain,
  6. Check the “I confirmed I’ve closed the other account” box,
  7. Press on Submit Application button.Resubmit for AdSense

3rd Method

If you want, you can keep both your old AdSense account and your new AdSense account active. In that case new AdSense account, you can’t open an account with your details but you have to open an account with the details of another family member.

  1. Click on the My Account option under your Mail Icon,My account
  2. Then click on the Payment & Subscription button,adsense Payment method
  3. Now click on Manage Payment Methods,
  4. Press on Add new address option under the Address button,
  5. Fill up the address form and save the new address,add new address for adsense
  6. Click on the Remove button of the old address,
  7. Then click on Setting,
  8. Update Organization name and address, if not updated
  9. Now click on Manage Payment User,Manage payment user
  10. Also, check to Manage User details.

4th Method

If you still do not get AdSense approval after following the above three methods, then create a totally new unique account and apply for AdSense. Note that existing email accounts cannot be used as backup email ids. The new unique email ID will have the name, phone number, address, and payment details of a completely different person.


If you do exactly what I saw, then you will get 100% AdSense approval. If there is any problem, please comment to me, I will definitely help. If you like the post, please share it with your friends. To be notified of new posts like this, click on the “Join to Telegram” button in the right sidebar.

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